Occasionally you need to go somewhere to get away from the noise and enjoy nature. Wherever that little slice of heaven is for you, you may find yourself dreaming of it. It may be time to buy the little cabin you’ve had your eye on.

when is the best time to buy a cabin?

Buying the right cabin is not like buying a home. Where you may compromise on your home because you need a space to live, you can wait longer to find the right vacation home. There are a few points of view on when you should buy your cabin:

Buy in the fall | Some theorize that buying while leading into the fall could get you a better deal. Everyone is looking for a cabin in the spring/summer, so purchasing in the fall may mean you have less competition.

Buy in spring | Waiting for fall means you get whatever is left after everything has been picked over. It also means that you may have to wait 6 – 8 months to fully enjoy your property. Are you willing to pay for a property without being able to use it right away? If not, consider purchasing earlier in the year.

Buy when you're ready | The simplest answer to "When is the best time to buy a cabin?" may be the right one: when you're ready. Get your finances together and wait for the right property at the time that's right for you.

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