Why New Construction?

Why New Construction?

  • Ashleigh Johnson
  • 02/18/22


Have you been searching and searching and searching and SEARCHING for the perfect home, but can’t quite find what you’re looking for? A new construction home may be in your future! Here are 4 reasons why it may be just the right fit:


1. Better Than Ever

New homes are better than ever before! Really. A new home built in Minnesota today has better components, better materials, and they’re constructed in a way that is, quite simply, better. They’re more durable, safer, healthier, and more environmentally friendly. The build process in MN is highly regulated to help ensure a safe quality home that’s energy efficient.  Another key factor in making better homes today is the materials from which they are made. As technology advances, so does the ability to make lighter yet stronger materials. From engineered floor joists that make stronger, less expensive and less noisy floors, to engineered roof trusses that assure even the most complex roof is constructed correctly and from the least amount of material, these products make new homes more durable than ever before.


2. Dollars and Cents

Buying a new home means you won’t be surprised by unexpected and expensive maintenance and repair issues. And it won’t require remodeling to make that old-fashioned floor plan and finishes work for your lifestyle today! Also, in a fast appreciating market the premium for new construction can be a lot less because you are locking in prices earlier.  


3. Your Home YOUR Way 

When you purchase new (vs. used), you make ALL the decisions. Want a quiet, tucked-away place or a lively neighborhood with a community pool? Your home builder can make your wishes their command – right down to the neighborhood, school district, floor plan, design, styles, colors and so much more. There are a spectrum of builders from very large builders who are less custom, usually called production builders to smaller builders where everything is custom picked and designed.  There are efficiencies gained by things being the same, a national builder that’s buying 5,000 tubs at a time gets a better price than a local builder buying 2.  If you value highly price per sq ft and not having to make several hundred small decisions, a large national builder is a better fit.  If you love the process of making everything your own a small custom builder is going to be a better fit.  


4. That New Home Smell 

And, of course, a new home is just that, new. No one else has ever cooked in your new kitchen, slept in your new bedroom, or showered in your new shower. Everything is shiny, bright and clean. You got to choose the style, the layout, the colors, and the finishes that make you feel perfectly at home. It’s truly your home, where you’ll nurture your family and make memories that you’ll cherish forever.


2024 Spring Parade of Homes | March 8-April 7

Ultimately, a home's quality truly depends on the builder, and there's no better time to look at their work than the Spring Parade of Homes! You can walk the neighborhoods and even pick a home site that speaks to you. Plan out your tour route by using the Parade of Home's tool here: https://www.paradeofhomes.org/tour-planner/


If you find an up-and-coming neighborhood you love and are thinking about building, let us help! We will advocate for your best interests. The builder’s real estate agent can be a good resource in the new construction process but don’t forget they’re representing the builder in the sale. With a real estate agent in your corner, you’ll have someone on your side who is invested in your happiness with the home!  We are here to help make your building dreams come true!

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