'Tis the Season to Sell Your Home (Seriously!)

'Tis the Season to Sell Your Home (Seriously!)

  • Modern Edge Real Estate Group
  • 12/6/21

The Benefits of Selling During the Holidays

The holidays are already a busy time of year for most, so you would be right to wonder if you are making a good decision by marketing your home between now and New Year’s Day. Before you make a choice, consider all the benefits to selling during this festive time of year!


Reason #1: Buyers are SERIOUS

Buyers looking for a home during the holiday season are usually serious about getting under contract, or otherwise they would put it off. Often, they are starting a new job towards the beginning of the year, or they want to get their children registered in school by the end of the holiday break. Regardless of their reasons, if they are out looking in December, they are serious buyers! 


Reason #2: There aren't as many homes on the market

As a seller, you benefit from having fewer homes on the market to compete with. Less inventory combined with serious buyers means sellers get higher offers!


Reason #3: You can take advantage of holiday season curb appeal 

While it’s recommended that you don't over-decorate while showing your home, you can take advantage of the warm and festive vibes that holiday decorations add! Some white twinkle lights, a wreath on the door, and poinsettias lining your porch can add just the right cozy and inviting feel to win over buyers.


Reason #4: You can use a holiday theme to ramp up an open house 

Instead of offering the same old plate of cookies and bottled water, let your prospective buyers feel the warmth of your home with a cup of hot chocolate and warm gingerbread in front of your cozy fireplace, or let them wander through your rooms listening to holiday music and enjoying the scent of pine or cinnamon candles!


Reason #5: You have the ability to customize your approach 

For sellers who may have not over invested in landscaping and overly attractive outdoor spaces, or have done more updates on the inside of your home than the outside, the winter landscape can minimize your home's weaknesses and highlight its strengths. Each home is different, that's why you need to customize your approach to maximize value!

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