Preparing for Snowmelt

Preparing for Snowmelt

  • 03/24/22
As a Minnesotan, you are probably rejoicing at winter's end! With the winter season coming to a close, that means the snow is melting and all of that snowmelt needs somewhere to go. The melting snow can cause many of the same problems homeowners experience during heavy rains. Luckily, there are steps you can take in the winter to help minimize the effects snowmelt can have on your home and its foundation!

To be fully prepared for the snowmelt season, professionals recommend taking steps throughout the year to ready your home. Performing seasonal waterproofing maintenance leaves your home better protected from heavy rain as well as melting snow!

How to Prepare: 
1. Keep water from snowmelt draining away from your home and foundation. Don’t pile snow near or against your home!
2. Clean your gutters so the meltwater from your roof will flow through the downspouts.
3. Clear snow from all stairwells and windows.
4. Ensure that any drains around your home are clear of ice or debris.
5. Take advantage of this warmer weather to perform any landscaping or grading work that needs to be done.

A warm home creates a warm foundation that makes it more likely for the soil and snow around your home to melt! If snow melting near your home has nowhere to go except the thawed soil near your foundation, it will exert pressure on and cause stress to your foundation.

If you find yourself in a serious situation, call a professional to handle any basement flooding or moisture issues right away!

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